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Colorful handmade Art Jewelry and Wearable Art. Fusion jewelry inspired by nature, by the light and color of the Mediterranean, by the magical world of the Greek Islands of the Aegean, and by my enchanted mountains.


My creations come from an emotion, a passion, a dream... and that's what I'm bringing you: a dream you can wear. In my boutique you will find unique handmade art jewelry for a woman with personality and style. All of my jewels are one-of-a-kind pieces, so there will be no-one else in the world wearing the same piece you are going to wear! 


I passionately love COLOR and LIGHT, and my wearable art adds a splash of COLOR and personality to the woman who wears it. Choose from many styles and materials, wear a piece handmade with love!

Annuk Creations

Handmade Art Jewelry

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